Praying for our Nation 


I am feeling led to do something out of the box regarding praying for our nation. I am looking for intercessors across the country with a heart for America to join with me in an intercessory prophetic act. The Lord showed me glass jars of dirt. Each jar had a paper taped on it with the name of the state the dirt represented. I saw all 50 states represented. 


Here is what the Holy Spirit is prompting me to do: pray Scripture over and speak life to the jars of dirt. Declare God’s governmental authority and His righteousness and justice, pray for healing in the land and the breaking of curses spoken over it. Declare healing on every level and the release of angelic ministry to carry out the Word. Every. Day. Speak words of love to the dirt. 

If you cannot pray and intercede from a place of love and grace, please refrain from joining me. If you are unable to commit to praying but want to send me  a jar of dirt from your state, message me. 

Please share this post. God’s Word never returns void, let’s pray heaven into earth for America! 




upgradeSo many of us are dealing with storms, problems and adversity right now, some of which we’d like to never have occurred in the first place. Whether the issue is with our health, or family relationships, or workplace shenanigans, or even within ourselves, we have the capacity in Christ to say “Peace be still” and expect peace.

Scripture tells us to be joyful in trials (James 1:2-8) and in the midst of a trial, joy is often the hardest thing to grasp. However, it is in the process of adversity where we begin to see our next level in Christ. And because we are in Christ, we have access to peace and joy. Graham Cooke says it is because of our problems that we get upgraded. What a way to joyfully look at a situation! When we see our situations in the light of Papa’s presence, we also see who we are becoming and the route to the next level. It is also easier to trust Papa for a good resolution to our problem, and we will discover what the circumstance meant.

When viewing our unsavory and highly undesirable circumstances through Papa’s lens, it truly is better to view it as an upgrade. This ultimately decreases the length of time we spend with our problem and increases our understanding of who Papa wants to be for us at that time. I don’t know about you, but I’m totally ready for an upgrade!

Today’s Word: Pace Car


bmw-x6-m-pace-car-images-04I’ve had the words “pace car” in my head for a while now. Mostly when driving to and from work and usually when there is a car ahead in my lane going less than the posted speed limit on a relatively “good” weather day. This morning was no exception and as I began to switch lanes to go around the slow moving car, the unseen driver also decided to change lanes as I began to pass the car. All is good and no collision occurred, but I began to tune into what I felt Papa had to say about it.

I heard Him whisper “My people think they are not moving fast enough in getting to their next level, but I AM setting the pace. I have set before some a path for which I desire time to travel; I want them to experience every bump, every roadblock and all the scenery along the way. This is not a set up for failure, but designed to strengthen and prepare them for their future. Before they can accelerate ahead, they must be able to handle the adversity of the journey. Others are attempting to move too fast and unless they allow Me to slow them down, they will careen out of control and crash. This pace car is set before them for safety, not a hindrance.

There are others who have set a pace car before themselves out of fear of the future. The enemy desires for them to stay stagnant and fearful of the journey, convincing them they are not worthy of the future I have planned for them. I AM removing this pace car, and will accelerate advancement. They are more than prepared for this upgraded level and have begun to drive out the fear that holds them back with My perfect love.”

Papa has only good for us. Do you see yourself with any of the pace cars? I have decided that I am willing to go wherever He takes me at the precise speed I need to be going. Although, I still am not a fan of snails pace cars on the expressway. ;)

Have an amazing and blessed day!


Love (random thought)


If perfect love drives out fear and it is Papa’s kindness and goodness that draws people to repentance, they why are some tactics so heavily fear based? When people come to Papa through fear, that is the lens they will see Him through and serve with which inevitably results in a lack of transformation making it easy to walk away from Him. After all, who wants to live in a constant state of fear? When people come drawn with love and touched by His kindness and goodness, the lens they view Papa with is much clearer. This makes it easy to partner with Him because it is a right view of His nature and character, allowing a deeper and lasting relationship.

Love is the key. Love covers, love conquers and love never fails.

Praying For the Nation – Objectivity


As we continue on this intercessory journey, I wanted to remind us to stay objective. God’s ways are not our ways, nor are His thoughts like our thoughts. We can only see what is on the outside, but He knows the thoughts and intents of the heart, He also has a purpose and a plan for all things. We will speak blessing and we will not curse, nor will we allow other to curse around us. Shut those words down and do not come into agreement.

We are in an election year and with still so many candidates running for President this year, the mudslinging has become worse than years past. To be honest, I am worn out from all the finger pointing and nay-saying, I am fed up with hearing what people won’t do and I’m tired of political rhetoric driven by campaign funders. I tell this to Papa too, He still says to bless and pray in His candidate. I do what I’m told.

As I’ve been praying, I’ve been impressed to maintain objectivity in all the goings on across our nation. Papa is full of surprises and I have no doubt His plans will surprise us to the point where we simply have to trust in His purpose.  So I encourage you to do the same.

This is definitely going to be a wild ride, but Papa makes all things work for our good. He seats princes on the throne and removes kings from kingdoms, we must remember His hand is working behind the scenes. Our posture of prayer is to be in agreement with heaven, so we must keep our ears open to hear what He has been saying.

Be blessed and continue blessing! I love each and every one of you!


The Accuser Has No Valid Accusations


imageThe Lord showed me a picture today of a courtroom full of people, my point of view was from the back of the room. I could see the judge at the front, but not make out his face, and I could see the plaintiff’s  table and defendant’s table. There was no jury present. The attorney for the plaintiff was emphatically trying to make his point, entering material for evidence and slamming it on the table. He was shaking his fist, spitting out his words vehemently, and pointing his finger all in an attempt to drive home his accusations. The crowd in the courtroom was not quiet either, their boisterous acknowledgment seemed to feed the plaintiff as he spouted off the defendant’s crimes. After what seemed a long time, he finally huffed and sat down. There was a hush in the room and the defendant’s attorney stood up and approached the bench. 

Walking across the courtroom floor, He seemed to grow larger and brighter. His face shown and His garments changed to a white robe. I noticed the defendant’s clothes had changed as well, he also wore a white robe. While I could not make out the exact words of his accuser, I could hear his advocate speak loud and clear. He said “What the accuser has said may once have been fact, but is now no longer true. His price has been paid and these accusations are no longer valid.” At that point, I saw the gavel lift and come down and heard “Not guilty” shake all the way down into my spirit.

Revelation 10:12 ” Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, “Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down.”

Papa wants to remind His children there is nothing Satan brings against us from which He cannot deliver. His mercy and love for us is so great, we simply need to trust in His hand. He is our strength and shield, our very present help in times of trouble. No matter what facts are presented to us, the Truth always sets us free.

Some of us are facing some very difficult to swallow things right now, but God is well able and poised to deliver. Trust that He is, right now, lifting His gavel to declare you NOT GUILTY!