God’s Love Is In The Small Things

August 9, 2010


The LORD has appeared of old to me, saying: “Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with loving-kindness I have drawn you. ~Jeremiah 31:3

‘Ahabah (a-hab-aw) is the word for love in this verse according to Strong’s Concordance #160 and it means love.  I have been pondering this verse for some time now and as I have been meditating on it I have begun to see just how much God really loves us.  It’s in the small things, things that ordinarily might make some complain, or some overlook.

Thursday morning I had such an overwhelming sense of how much God loves me.  The envelope of His love that I was wrapped in was so comfortable I did not want to leave it.  As I have mentioned, my grandchildren were born Wednesday; we were at the hospital past 10pm that night. It had been so hot and dry our poor garden was becoming droopy and without being able to water it Wednesday, I thought for sure that we were going to lose some of our plants.  Thursday morning I was delighted to see that God brought rain.  He knows the things we need before we even realize we need them!  He worked out circumstances on Wednesday for me so that I did not have to reschedule anything, nor did anything overlap!  He has blessed me and shown favor upon me that I would not have noticed if I was not wrapped in his embrace.

When we become so busy; when we become so demanding of God; when we always look for big things, that is when we miss the little things.  The tokens of His affection – the rain that waters when we couldn’t; the snuggle of a pet that is usually aloof; the butterfly kiss of a child; the hug of a friend; the sight of a bird we’ve never seen; the ministry of a song we’ve had in our heart that just happens to play when we are listening.  God’s love for us is everywhere and He is in everything.  He delights in showering affection on us and it may not always be in the things we think it should be in.  Having a pure heart, an open heart; open eyes and ears allows us to notice and absorb those little things.

Let’s Pray:  Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for Your love, Your everlasting love! Your love is so far reaching, it’s unmatched! Your love is amazing and Your love is all encompassing! Father, help us to see You in the little things, the details of life.  When things, to us, look bleak and foreboding, open our eyes to see and feel Your love.  Wrap that envelop of love around us and may we have open hearts to feel Your love.  Father, we love You because You first loved us.  We desire to please You and we give You all our worship, all our praise and all the glory.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Today’s Attitude of Worship: Purpose in your heart to seek out the small things today.  God’s love is everywhere, when we purposefully look for it, we will find it.  His word says that if we seek Him, we will find Him.  Are you looking today?

Additional Scriptures:  John 3:16; 1 John 4:8; 1 John 4:19

To love God is the greatest of virtues; to be loved by God is the greatest of blessings.” ~Author Unknown

In Christ’s Service,


2 responses to “God’s Love Is In The Small Things”

  1. Robert Lloyd Russell Avatar
    Robert Lloyd Russell

    Thank you for a meaningful post – one which we all need to be reminded of periodically.

  2. Prudence Avatar

    To God be the glory! Thank you, Robert. I simply love God’s little reminders and tokens of affection and I love them even more when I recognize what they are!

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