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The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon Me, because the LORD has anointed Me To preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives, And the opening of the prison to those who are bound (Isaiah 61:1 New King James Version).

How can I be lost when I’ve got nowhere to go?” “Set sail to sea, but pulled off course by the light of golden treasure.” These are lyrics from a song by a group I used to listen to in my teenage and early adult years; however I don’t really listen to them anymore. It’s no longer my style of music, and I’m not really into secular music anymore. I’m not going to tell you the band or the song title, because I seek to bring them no glory, but to bring glory to the Father through their lyrical word choices.

I enjoy listening to Greg Laurie every so often, and he said something once that has also stuck with me. As I listened to the lyrics in the song I’m talking about, I could hear Greg Laurie speaking this word. What he said was those who are lost are captives, they are prisoners of war; held prisoner by the devil and this world. Now, when I was lost in the world, I certainly wouldn’t have believed it if someone told me I was a prisoner, but looking back (ahh, yes, hindsight truly is 20/20) I can see I was. Greg Laurie indicated we, as the Church, need to have compassion on these prisoners because it wasn’t long ago we ourselves were captive. We can’t leave them to fend for themselves because they don’t know where to go. As I listened to Greg Laurie, the Holy Spirit brought to mind the words of today’s Scripture.

There are many people today who truly feel they’ve got nowhere to go. They don’t understand how they can be lost when they don’t feel as though they’ve ever really belonged anywhere. There are many who started off on the right foot, walking the right path, but because the things of this world were shinier and louder than the right way, they veered off course. In a literal sense, the song speaks of traveling on the sea. To get where you need to go while traveling on the sea, you need excellent navigational equipment, and you have to understand the navigational equipment you do have. When these fall into place, you won’t get lost at sea; you will make it to your destination. As Christians, we have navigational equipment, it’s called the Bible. It’s God’s road map for our life, it’s our nautical navigational compass. We are the navigational equipment those captives in this world need, to help them see they do, in fact, have a place to go, and the golden treasure which pulled them off course is about as real as a mirage in the desert.

We need to change our perspective and mindset, having compassion on the captives and the prisoners of war, because when we view them this way, we are more inclined to desire to set them free. We cannot continue to live in our boxes, thinking someone else will find the “lost”. If we view those who don’t know Christ as captive prisoners, then we will be more willing to set them free. Church, it’s time to step out and preach good tidings to the poor, to preach Jesus and heal the brokenhearted; to proclaim liberty to the captives in Jesus Christ and to open the prison of the bound. Let’s not allow them to think “How can I be lost when I’ve got nowhere to go?” Proclaim the kingdom of heaven and pray they see there is a place being prepared for them!

Let’s Pray: Dear Heavenly Father, You are mighty to save and because of this, we thank You for the gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ. We thank You for healing our hearts, freeing us from captivity and opening our prisons. We thank You, Lord, for giving us Your Holy Spirit, for being our navigational equipment, for illuminating our path. We thank You for the redemptive and cleansing power of Your blood and the sacrifice of Your Body. Lord, we now ask for compassion; compassion to view those lost as captive, compassion to have hearts stirred to action and deed. Lord, may we have boldness to preach Your word, to step out in faith, to love as You loved. May we allow the Holy Spirit to speak through us, may we be discerning and wise when showing others their need for freedom. Lord, may we not add anything or take anything away from Your Gospel, but may we preach the whole truth. Cover us Lord, as we go about our day sharing Your love. We offer ourselves to You in worship, take control of our lives today. We lift our hands and voices in praise and adoration of You! We love You! In Your mighty name, Jesus, amen.

Today’s Attitude of Worship: I encourage you to view that one person that is not saved, but rubs you the wrong way, not as unsaved, but as a prisoner held captive by this world. You will be amazed how much more compassion you will have on them. Bring the Light of the World into wherever you are today by viewing the lost as captives.

Additional Scriptures: Luke 4:18; Psalm 146:7; John 8:32-36

“Either sin is with you, lying on your shoulders, or it is lying on Christ, the Lamb of God. Now if it is lying on your back, you are lost; but if it is resting on Christ, you are free, and you will be saved. Now choose what you want.” ~Martin Luther




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