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Thus says the LORD of hosts: “Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you. They make you worthless; They speak a vision of their own heart, Not from the mouth of the LORD. They continually say to those who despise Me, ‘The LORD has said, “You shall have peace”’; And to everyone who walks according to the dictates of his own heart, they say, ‘No evil shall come upon you.’” For who has stood in the counsel of the LORD, And has perceived and heard His word? Who has marked His word and heard it? Behold, a whirlwind of the LORD has gone forth in fury—A violent whirlwind! It will fall violently on the head of the wicked. The anger of the LORD will not turn back until He has executed and performed the thoughts of His heart. In the latter days you will understand it perfectly. “I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran. I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied. But if they had stood in My counsel, and had caused My people to hear My words, then they would have turned them from their evil way and from the evil of their doings. “Am I a God near at hand,” says the LORD, “And not a God afar off? Can anyone hide himself in secret places, so I shall not see him?” says the LORD; “Do I not fill heaven and earth?” says the LORD.

 “I have heard what the prophets have said who prophesy lies in My name, saying, ‘I have dreamed, I have dreamed!’ How long will this be in the heart of the prophets who prophesy lies? Indeed they are prophets of the deceit of their own heart, who try to make My people forget My name by their dreams which everyone tells his neighbor, as their fathers forgot My name for Baal. “The prophet who has a dream, let him tell a dream; and he who has My word, let him speak My word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat?” says the LORD. “Is not My word like a fire?” says the LORD, “And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces? “Therefore behold, I am against the prophets,” says the LORD, “who steal My words every one from his neighbor. Behold, I am against the prophets,” says the LORD, “who use their tongues and say, ‘He says.’ (Jeremiah 23:16-31 New King James Version).

The Lord Himself has spoken against the prophets who prophesy in His name, but do not bring forth His word. He tells us to test the spirits (1 John 4:1) because many false prophets are out there.

His word says there will be many people performing signs and wonders (see Matthew 24:24). Test them – are they glorifying God in these signs and wonders, or are they glorifying themselves?

There are people today who are wolves in sheep’s clothing (see Matthew 7:15). They preach a false, watered-down gospel, satisfying itchy ears, and performing miracles while using this to seek their own ends. Test them – do they imply you can’t live without something “they” are offering, or is it something God is offering? Is God glorified in their ministry? Have they had prophecies come to pass, or are people still waiting for a bank roll to fall in their laps?

Some have given themselves the title of Prophet, however God’s Word says He calls His prophets (see Jeremiah 1:5, 1 Samuel 3:4-21 and Ephesians 4:11). Test them – Do you “see” with your spiritual eyes the anointing? Do you “hear” with your spiritual ears the Spirit of God in their prophecies? After a conversation with them, are you left confused? Do you feel what you heard was “I don’t really know what I’m talking about, but I want to sound holy” in many different and big undefined words?

God’s word does not return void, accomplishing what He pleases (see Isaiah 55:11). When a word from the Lord is truly given, it pierces our hearts, confirms what He has spoken, or answers a petition we have set before Him. The Holy Spirit speaks to our spirit, deep calling unto deep. There is a resonance, a vibration, a sound not audible to the ears only the Word of God and His Voice can produce. Let us ask Him for more discernment and better spiritual hearing so we are able to adequately test the spirits.

Dear Father, You are Holy, Righteous, Faithful and True. You are Worthy, Omnipresent, Omniscient and our most magnificent Creator. With a word You spoke this world into existence and with Your breath You gave us life. There is nowhere and no place that we can attempt to hide from You, and even in the secret places of our hearts You know what is there. We may be able to fool ourselves, but we could never fool You. Today, Lord, we come as humble servants before You. We ask for You to show us where we are prideful and where we try to take control of our callings. We ask that You examine us today, search our hearts, O God, try us and find any iniquities and lead us in Your way everlasting! We don’t want to be called something that You have not called us to be; we are beginning to understand that it makes our walk with You much more difficult. Lord, bring to our hearts that which is hindering Your calling over us from becoming anointed. Are we involved with things that You do not want for us? Reveal this to us. We ask for Your forgiveness in these areas, and for Your strength to begin moving along the path You have set before us. Lord, we cry out for a deeper relationship with You, we want to be able to test the Spirits as You have told us. Grant us discernment in our spirits, and Your eyes and ears. We want to please You Lord, and not man. In Jesus’ powerful name, we pray. Amen.

 Today’s Attitude of Worship: Pay careful attention to what you hear, read, watch and speak of. Pray for discernment in all situations, ask God for guidance when you are unclear, don’t readily accept the word of someone as God’s word without testing it against the Word of God.

 Additional Scriptures: See passage above; Jeremiah 14:14 & 23:32-40; Ezekiel 22:28



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  1. World English Bible For thus says Yahweh of Armies, the God of Israel: Don’t let your prophets who are in the midst of you, and your diviners, deceive you; neither listen to your dreams which you cause to be dreamed.

  2. It’s very important that we all ask for discernment. The devil roams about seeking who he may devour, and while I don’t want to give any credit or glory to him, we need to be aware that he is active. It’s also more important that we are in God’s word and feeding ourselves diets of heavenly fruits, rather than diets of worldly fruits.

    We are what we eat. If we abundantly feed ourselves from the richness of God’s word, and sparingly eat little or none of the fruit of this world, we will be more discerning and apt to spot a false prophet. We will also bear witness to the signs and wonders and miracles that Jesus spoke of in Mark 16:16-18 as well as being more open to the Holy Spirit and His use of us in healing miracles. Sadly, though, this is not always the case, and many believers have taken to eating richly of the world and sparingly of the fruit of God. The bible talks about the falling away and those that will be decieved.

  3. I agree with this. I have shared this scripture with many “christians” who have said they were “prophesied” over and yet remain in bondage and confusion. People do not realize that there is a “demon spirit” using these “prophets” and when a word is given, that demon can use it to oppress the one the word was given to. I agree to “test” the spirits to see wether they are from God or not, one can become fruitfully discernment if they spend time in the word of God, this way one can know error from truth. I have seen prophets come here locally and “prophesise” over many and they complain it has’nt come to pass. John Bevere has a great book on this called “Thus Saith the Lord”….this book will help you understand and learn “if one is really speaking to you from the Lord”…..

    We need a modern day “Mt. Carmel”……in the book of John chapter 9, the disciples asked Jesus who sinned that this man was born blind….Christ said Neither……that God may be glorified in the healing. Now…how many people today in church and call themselves “Christian” ( myself included ) that has a disability, withered hands, missing leg, deafness, blindness, and so on…..why were they made that way to be installed in this “dispensation” where I come from, I have become deaf at 7….and satan has tried to “destroy” me many a time but the Grace of God kept me alive….now…think about this…..why did it happen? So God can be glorified in these last days? Just think a minute..if many people got healed……what a testimony it will be and how many will come to Christ…….this has been branded in my heart for the past 10 years….His will be done for His glory………

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