Get Plugged In


 Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice (Philippians 4:4 New King James Version)!

You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore (Psalm 16:11).

 Have you ever been around a person who is truly happy? I mean really, really happy? With twinkling eyes, a quick smile, patient attitudes, peaceful and joyful? People that never seem to have a bad day. I’m not talking about people who act happy, yet their eyes do not smile when they do; I’m talking about happy, joyful people. People, who, no matter what their circumstances are, they remain full of joy. They are the saints who have tapped into the fullness of joy in the Lord’s presence. They have grabbed hold of Him and have not let go. They don’t play the “woe is me” game and they are quick to ensure that others needs are met before their own. They are seasoned servants in the Lord and much is to be gained from their wisdom and insight. It’s always a pleasure to be around these people because the joy they carry in their hearts is infectious!!

God desires that each of us, as His children, carry this joy. His presence is always with us, but there are many of us who don’t grab onto Him and hang tight. There are many who choose not to be joyful, relying instead on being despondent because that always worked for them. When we give in to despair, we have shown God that we don’t trust Him enough to lift us up from our problems. We will be more likely to trust in the things of man than the things of God. How do you tap into this joy, you ask? Prayer, bible study and listening to the Holy Spirit that resides in each of us. Sitting before God on a regular, consistent basis is what plugs us into the source of all joy, all peace, all hope, all strength, all of who He is.

 If you’ve been sitting on the fence, going through the motions, gracing your home church with your presence on Sunday mornings only, and avoiding a regular prayer and bible study time – God is wooing you to jump off that fence and pick a side. He’s romancing you to come to Him and to plug yourself in and recharge your battery. Sit before Him so that you can rejoice always!

 Let’s Pray: Dear Heavenly Father, we stand before You today with grateful hearts because You have blessed us with another day full of Your mercy and grace! We thank You for more opportunities to grow closer to You, to listen for Your voice and to sit in Your presence. We ask for forgiveness for climbing the fence and parking up there for too long. We ask that You rekindle the flame of passion in our hearts, that You whisper to our spirits the words of love that You have for us. We pray for strength to jump down and rest at Your feet, filling ourselves with Your presence. We pray to be filled with joy, to have the ability to truly rejoice always. We praise You and honor You because You deserve all praise and honor. We glorify and worship You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

 Today’s Attitude of Worship: Begin to change your attitude by giving God praise and thanks for your blessings. It takes action and determination, but it’s not impossible!

Additional Scriptures: Psalm 5:11; Psalm 27:6; Psalm 35:9



***Today’s devotional comes from my book, Today’s Bible Treasure, Simple Christianity Volume 1.***

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  1. Lucia Nolan Avatar
    Lucia Nolan

    Believers can rejoice always because their joy isn’t based in circumstances, but on God. Circumstances change, but God never changes (cf Malachi 3:6 “For I, the LORD, do not change…”).

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