Father, You’re Beautiful!


Psalm 27:4One thing I have desired of the LORD, that will I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to inquire in His temple (Psalm 27:4 New King James Version).

Yes, one thing I have desired of the Lord and what I seek is to dwell in His house all my days to behold His beauty.  This includes in my daily living, if His presence does not go with me, I don’t want to go! There is none more beautiful than our Lord, and His house contains security, protection, peace, hope, love and comfort.  No matter what we face each day, when we truly seek the Lord, when we offer our sacrifices of praise, or when we gaze upon His beautiful face, we open doors for Him to move in our lives.  He draws us closer to Him, to rest in His lap, to cradle us in His arms, to shower us with His love and affection, to protect and shield us.

God is beautiful; His beauty is immeasurable but is revealed to us through His creation.  Seek His face; ask Him to reveal a part of Himself to you today.  Open your eyes, open your ears…it may be something small you’ve never noticed before but suddenly jumps out at you; it could be in a smile from someone; it could be a song that touches your heart.  God is beautiful, won’t you seek to dwell in His house and behold His beauty?

Let’s Pray:  Oh, Heavenly Father, Your beauty cannot be contained, Your face is glorious!  We want more and more and more of You, we desire to dwell in Your house.  You are mighty, caring, loving, yet You are sovereign, majestic and so, so Holy.  We offer You our praise, our worship, our selves.  Lord, we give You the glory due to Your name, and we worship You in the beauty of holiness.  We will extol You, O Lord, for You have lifted us up!  We cried out to You and You healed us, You brought our souls up from the grave, You have kept us alive that we should not go down to the pit!  We sing praise to You, and we give thanks to You!  We bless Your name, we shout of Your loving-kindness from the rooftops!  Thank You Father!  In Jesus’ name, we pray.  Amen.

Attitude of Worship: When seeking the Lord, give Him thanks and praise, even when you don’t feel like it. Put Him in the seat of priority.  This opens us up to what the Lord wants to do in our lives and allows us to grow spiritually.

Additional Scriptures: Psalm 27

“When you come to knowing God, the initiative lies on His side. If He does not show Himself, nothing you can do will enable you to find Him. And, in fact, He shows much more of Himself to some people than to others—not because He has favorites, but because it is impossible for Him to show Himself to a man whose whole mind and character are in the wrong condition. Just as sunlight, though it has no favorites, cannot be reflected in a dusty mirror as clearly as in a clean one.”  ~CS Lewis

In Christ’s Service,


***Adapted from my book, Today’s Bible Treasure, Simple Christianity Volume 1***

2 responses to “Father, You’re Beautiful!”

  1. Peter Park Avatar
    Peter Park

    Your “atttitude of worship” reminds me the Psalms: Praise the Lord O my soul.

    1. Prudence Ramos Avatar
      Prudence Ramos

      Wow, it does! Thank you for sharing that! May your day be blessed!

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