Who or What Controls You?


Direct my steps by Your word, and let no iniquity have dominion over me (Psalm 119:133 New King James Version).

In this day and age, we have sin, and the temptation to sin, shoved in our faces. The advertising industry itself is ripe with lies and seduction to increase product sales. There are commercials indicating STD’s are ok because there are drugs, which cannot cure, but will help stop the spread of them. We hear too many news reports of thievery, stealing, murders, beatings…crimes driven by the economy, or driven by the glorification of the offense within the media. Students go to school and are forbidden to mention the name of Jesus, but are inundated with false teachings, false gods, and false religions. Many students are allowed to carry their religious paraphernalia, but a Christian cannot without persecution. Workplaces have become ministry and recruiting areas for those practicing agnostic, atheistic, or pagan religions, but if a Christian stands up to pray it can be grounds for termination based on religious bias. So what do most Christians faced with situations like this do? Many retreat, many take off the protection of the armor of God, many hide in the background praying for someone to stand up and refuse to listen when God tells them to stand. Many give in and relinquish their beliefs to fit in with those they say they are witnessing to. Let me ask you something? Who or what is controlling you when you give in to the temptation instead of standing up for the kingdom of God?

Jesus walked this earth, yet committed no sin. He came to seek and save the lost, and so He was in the midst of sinners. He ate with tax collectors, adulterers, murderers, and thieves. He talked with, and touched, the outcasts of society. He enjoyed the company of children. He is coming soon; this is no time to be selective about whom we associate with. It is time to get selective about what we are doing. We must stop allowing the things of this world dominion in our lives. We must open our bibles, and study the word of God in order to hide it in our hearts.

We must rise up, Church, and gird ourselves with His armor, and stand. Stand up for Jesus. Stand up for His kingdom. Stand up for God’s statutes, His precepts, His Word and be an effective witness. If we find ourselves in a place ripe with sin, we can be a light for Jesus and not give in to the sin. If we find ourselves surrounded with pagan beliefs, we can proclaim His name. There is power and authority in the name of Jesus. We are children of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, and we have no reason to cower behind conformity to this world. If we don’t like what we see on TV or hear on the radio, let’s turn them off. Let us fill ourselves on the things of the Lord and He will give us strength to stand.

Let’s Pray: Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for this day. Thank You for being the loving, merciful and faithful Father that You are. We give You praise, we give You glory! We stand before You, Father, asking for Your forgiveness. We have been too long in this world, allowing it to mold us for the sake of making everyone happy. We have been too long letting the world have dominion over us. It is our prayer, now, that we discipline ourselves to hide Your word in our hearts so that when You direct our steps, we will follow. We desire to know You more intimately so that iniquity does not have dominion over us. We pray that we are covered in Your armor and that we dig our heels in to stand against the enemy of this world. We pray that when we are faced with tempting situations, sinful people, worldly behavior that we have discernment and Your endurance to be the salty light that You desire us to be. Teach us to be fruitful witnesses of Your Gospel, show us how to bring Jesus into every situation. May Your Holy Spirit convict hearts, fertilizing and cultivating within those that are lost the seeds that you have allowed us to plant. May be we an effective tool in Your hand. We love You, Father, You are holy, worthy, mighty and worthy to be praised! In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Today’s Attitude of Worship: Hide God’s word in your heart. Worship, praise and pray. Examine your heart attitude and how you react to situations where you may not be shining the light of Christ or sharing His love, and ask for God to change your heart.

Additional Scriptures: Luke 22:40; 1 Corinthians 10:13; Ephesians 6:10-20



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