Today’s word is “Banquet”.

a-parc3a1bola-da-grande-ceiaI see an exquisitely laid banquet table. Beautiful and inviting, it is filled with delicacies and a smorgasbord of delightful treats. The place settings have the colors of blue, gold, red, purple and silver; the wine glasses are pearl and onyx. The coffee cups are delicately painted with scenes of sheep and shepherds, and the flatware is of the purest gold with pearl inlays; there are priceless gems strewn in decorative fashion all along the table. While I am taking in the breathtaking spectacle of this table, there are people at each chair. They are engaged in conversation and laughter, some are crying joyful tears, some are simply expressing gratitude, but the overall tone of this banquet is love and joy. I do not recognize the people seated, but I do recognize the people serving. As one person finishes their meal and gets up from the table, their place is cleared up and reset, and another joyful person takes the place. I watch those who have gotten up from the table and they have now become one who serves those who are seated.

I heard the Lord say “You have asked how can the hungry feed the hungrier, I will tell You that I AM able to do it. Just as I fed the multitude with five loaves and two fish, I AM well able to feed those who hunger for Me. This is how I will do it: As I fill you, you will be overflowing and able to pour into those who need to be filled. All I need you to do is allow your doors to open and set a place for them. See, those who are serving at My banquet table are those who have been filled. Those who are seated are those who need filling. They find refreshment and love at My table, and in turn are equipped to do what I have asked them to do. My banquet never ends and My love never fails. Prepare yourself, I am causing the doors to open to the banquet table and give rest and refreshment to the weary, searching soul.”

He brought me to the banqueting house, And his banner over me was love (Song of Solomon 2:4 NKJV).

Wow, I’ve been seeing this scene for about 3 days now and it’s absolutely beautiful. What a picture of what the Church does for those who need refreshment and for when we need to be refreshed!

Shalom ♥

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