Today’s word is “Potholes”.

Photo courtesy of: http://www.bedfordma.gov/highway-division/pages/pothole-information
Photo courtesy of: http://www.bedfordma.gov/highway-division/pages/pothole-information

I was reminded this morning of the many potholes that have suddenly appeared over the course of the winter. On my route to work, one lane is blocked off for quite a distance because of the impromptu materialization of many car-crippling potholes. Our local roads have become obstacle courses and lessons in defensive driving, where one must have absolute focus on the road. When blanketed in snow and ice, the potholes become discreet wheel traps, able to cause severe damage to the front end of the car if we are not aware of where they could be lurking.

I hear the Lord say “Fear not, for I AM with you. Though the road you travel is filled with many potholes and traps, the Light of My Love will carefully guide your feet and you will tread on solid ground. Look to Me and walk where I walk. The enemy has hidden many snares along your pathway, but I go before, behind and alongside you and I AM revealing the concealed devices he has set to snare you with. Simply trust Me during this time, know that I AM for you and not against you despite what your road looks like. I AM the lamp for your feet and the light for your path.”

Shalom ♥

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