New Wine


Mark 2:22 ““And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. For the wine would burst the wineskins, and the wine and the skins would both be lost. New wine calls for new wineskins.” (NLT)

Today is a double digit day – a day of doubles – what would you like to see double of today? Blessings? Love? Anointing? God loves to bless His children, we simply have to be ready to receive His blessings.

I love when Jesus spoke about wine – His first miracle was turning water into wine, and not just any wine, but the best there is! He turned the ordinary and tasteless into something sweet, sassy and unexpected! If He did it for a wedding, how can we not think He wouldn’t do it in our marriages or other relationships and ministry?

Here, He is saying old wineskins won’t adequately hold new wine. Why? Old wineskins have been saturated and soaked, they hold the flavor and bouquet of the old wine and prone to breaking easily. If a new wine is poured into the old skin, not only could the skin break, dumping the wine all over the place, but the integrity of the wine itself could be compromised.

God has new wine for us. He wants to give us a double portion of the sweet, sassy and unexpected wine He creates out of the mundane – we must reach out with a new wineskin to receive it. When we limit God based on our past blessings, past experiences and what has already come and gone, we are basically giving Him an old wineskin. He has so much more for us, let’s not limit Him! Let go of yesterday and reach for today! He longs to take us higher and deeper and from glory to glory.

Go and get filled double today!

Shalom ♥

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