Today’s Word is “Pierced”.

Job 16: 12-22Over the last few days the Lord has been painting a fragmented picture in my mind. He showed me an archer notching his arrow and preparing to take aim. He then showed me a target, but not a target such as we know, but a human heart. I saw the archer again, this time, I saw him concentrate on the target and let the arrow fly. I then saw the heart pierced.

This is what I heard the Lord say “My ways are much different than your ways. What appears to you to be heartache and loss are platforms for My love to grow. I have pierced your heart with My Love and I will cause it to grow. A heart filled with My Love knows no boundaries, goes where I send it and leaves the fragrant aroma of My Presence in its wake. Though the battle seemed long and bloody, I have stood in heaven on your behalf. I AM for you and not against you. Breathe deep of My Love for you, let it fill the depths of your being. Listen to Me as I mediate for you, follow the trail of Love I have left in your heart. Look beyond your situation and see how much Love I have for you and know I AM your Mediator. I AM for you and not against you.”

“I was living quietly until he shattered me. He took me by the neck and broke me in pieces. Then he set me up as his target, and now his archers surround me. His arrows pierce me without mercy.The ground is wet with my blood. Again and again he smashes against me, charging at me like a warrior. I wear burlap to show my grief. My pride lies in the dust. My eyes are red with weeping; dark shadows circle my eyes. Yet I have done no wrong, and my prayer is pure. “O earth, do not conceal my blood. Let it cry out on my behalf. Even now my witness is in heaven. My advocate is there on high. My friends scorn me, but I pour out my tears to God. I need someone to mediate between God and me, as a person mediates between friends. For soon I must go down that road from which I will never return” (Job 16: 12-22).

As I reflect on this word, I am reminded that God loves us so much, He will pierce our hearts in the places we need it most. Often, we see our circumstances as coming against us, but what if…what if…they are ordained to pierce our hearts and bring the Light of Love into the space to be poured out upon others? A heart full of love truly knows no boundaries, stops at nothing and is not fearful. A heart full of love worships the Lord in spirit and in truth and is contagious enough for others to desire. A heart full of love is humble in action and powerful in silence. This is one archer I hope has my heart as a target. What about you?

Prudence ♥

2 responses to “Pierced”

  1. newinepouring Avatar

    Great word, I was given that very same scripture this week, the trials of unjust suffering is like a wine press that extracts away from us those hidden imperfections, that would never be revealed in any other circumstance. Walking out forgiveness, love, and patience, out of those experiences takes us beyond ourselves, into purity of spirit, that brings more weightyness in our ministry to others. Truly blessed by this word. Thanks for posting. – dee

    1. Prudence Avatar

      So true! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Dee! Shalom ♥

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