Profaning the Holy


“The secular has profaned the Holy”, this phrase has been repeating itself in my heart and I know this is a message for the Body as a whole. God is not only love, He is also holy and the things of God are holy, therefore we should be mindful of holiness when serving God and the people of God.The secular and common are encroaching and being heavily implemented in ministries and Christian relationships. Perfection in ministry is often based on a secular definition of perfection and success. While a basic secular premise can be used in the formation of, and facilitating ministry actions, there should be no continued comparison of our ministries to how similar things run in the secular world. When we consistently contend with ourselves and fellow ministry workers in order to be comparable with the world and seem relevant to those in the world. we take from the miraculous awe that is God, and we bring his holiness down to a level it should never reach. We begin to rely on our own strengths and talents, rather than reaching for, and trusting God to do what only He can do within our ministries. Why would anyone want what Jesus has if we speak, smell, appear, work and serve exactly the same way as the world all around them? Where are the miracles in that?

Church, when did we become so ready to exchange the holy and miraculous for the secular and common? At what point did our hearts deem this okay? Why are we allowing common fire on the altar of God? Oh, how the Lord loves us! How He loves His people, but His heart cries because we have allowed His Holiness to be profaned by the world. God can not be compared to the secular and common for He alone is perfection, He alone is worthy, He alone is holy, He alone is all we need to succeed in ministry and service. It’s time to reassess our spiritual temperatures and reacquaint ourselves with the holiness of God. We are truly changed when we stand in the presence of God. What He has, we cannot find in the secular world no matter how pretty the devil packages it.


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