Bold Harvest


I’ve had the words “harvest” and “bold” in my spirit for the last few days. They’ve been prevalent words in my prayers pertaining to many things, however this morning the Lord put them together in this way: Bold Harvest.

I saw a field of various crops, each crop ripe and ready for harvest. Along the outskirts of the field were several different machines used for harvesting, and there were people dressed and ready for the reaping, as if they were waiting for the “go ahead”. There was a wind blowing across the field and the crops swayed along, those that were heavy with fruit bounced back slower than those with lightweight fruit. The crop dance in the wind was a magnificent sight; it was as if they were celebrating something bigger and greater! Suddenly there was a great gust of wind, and I saw people in the field gathering the harvest and they were not dressed appropriately for the activity of harvest. They joyfully filled their baskets and bushels, passing them along as if on an assembly line. They moved throughout the field this way, gleefully picking fruit and celebrating the harvest. After a time, the people on the outskirts of the field joined them, but not one machine was fired up and sent out to the field. Each plant was harvested by hand.

The Lord is getting us ready for a great harvest. There is revival coming, the wind of the Spirit has begun to move. This will be an up close and personal event since the machines in my vision only stayed on the sidelines. The workers are coming from all areas of life – there is no distinction, and as the Spirit moves, we must be prepared to boldly jump in and put our hands to the plow. This is a diverse and momentous harvest, our territories have been enlarged and we have been given the hand tools we need to reap the fruit.

To see the harvest, The Lord has planted seeds within us in the form of big dreams and enlarged vision. He will make the connections necessary for us to walk in the purpose He has laid before us. We must pray through what God has shown us, we must discern the times and allow the wind of the Spirit to carry us forward. We are each a part of a bold harvest, indeed!


Prudence ♥

2 responses to “Bold Harvest”

  1. LightWriters Avatar

    This is a powerful spiritual word and resonates on many levels, thank you. So exciting! God bless!

    1. Prudence Avatar

      It is extremely exciting! I am so ready for this!! Blessings to you as well! ♥♥

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