HE is calling YOU!

Remember the Army recruiting poster that said “We want you!” Well, I was thinking about that today. However, instead of the US Army, I saw a picture of Jesus. His arms were spread wide and the caption said “I Want You…to know how much YOU are LOVED!”

How awesome is it that the Creator of the Universe, the One who paid the price we should have paid, the Lover of our souls wants us to really know, deep deep down, how much we are loved? It is astounding and there is so much to His love! We haven’t even scratched the surface!

It is a lack of understanding His LOVE where we often feel downtrodden, desperate, lost and stuck in the same patterns. Many of us fear surrendering to Jesus because religion has taught us there is no such love as this. Many of us have been brought up thinking the love of Christ is contingent upon a list of things we MUST do and things we must NEVER DO. Many of us see no other way to live our lives other than the way we’ve always lived them – hopeless, searching for our identity and meaning in what we DO, who we ASSOCIATE with and WHAT possessions we have. Still, there are a lot of us who have been burned in the fire of “condemnation and judgment without love” by those who do call themselves Christians, having Scripture used as a bludgeon leaving us scarred and withdrawn with no desire to experience Jesus. I’m telling you, there is more- this love is so deep, it’s so intense, it is REAL! There is no other REAL LOVE that can compare to the LOVE Jesus has for us!

I see Him, seated on the throne, arms open wide, love and compassion on His beautiful face and He is waiting for YOU! Yes, YOU! HE LOVES YOU! He knows YOUR name and He is calling YOU!
– those with the hole in their heart, the longing to be loved and accepted – HE is calling YOU!
– those who feel lost and forgotten, HE is calling YOU!
– those who have been left beaten, scarred and set aside as trash, HE is calling YOU!
– those who think Jesus is religion, HE is calling YOU!
– those who feel life has nothing to offer and therefore you have nothing left to live for, HE is calling YOU!
– those who are looking for ways to turn their life around, but are condemned by those around you, HE is calling YOU!
– those who don’t know who they are, HE is calling YOU!
– those who are sick, tired, weary, overwhelmed, living on the fringe, burnt out, HE is calling YOU!

HE is calling YOU! His banner over YOU is LOVE! Do you have the courage to abandon the mentality and life you’ve always lived and BELIEVE that HE loves you, that HE died for YOU and rose again so YOU can LIVE ETERNALLY? Do you have the courage to call HIS NAME and wake up to your true identity in HIM? HE is calling YOU! Are you going to answer?

Shalom ♥

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