Week 7 Prayer Focus

As we wrap up our 7 weeks of prayer, I want to thank you again for coming alongside me in prayer. This week, I’d like to lift up the worldwide Church again.

Prophetically speaking, I believe we are moving into a new season, and one that includes revival for the Church. The Church has always been persecuted, to certain degrees in various places, but what persecution does is it spreads the Gospel. Where there is persecution, the Light of Christ shines in such a way that those who see it are drawn to it inexplicably. Even here in the US, we are seeing degrees of persecution that we may not have seen before, we must not fight against it, we must prepare for the harvest that will come from it.

These are our prayer targets:

1) That the Church begins to fight persecution with preparation for a great harvest.

2) That we ready ourselves for our BrideGroom – He is coming and He is looking for a spotless & blameless church.

3) That we arm ourselves with LOVE, the LOVE of the Father – we must pray daily to be baptized in His love and to be compassionate ambassadors for Christ.

4) That we put condemnation and accusation towards others out of our vocabulary and minister to the whole being. For too long the Church has been sin focused – Christ was salvation focused, we need to fully follow His example.

5) That we raise up our next generation and release them to do what God has called/gifted/equipped them to do, DESPITE their natural ages. There are many children who are powerhouses in the Spirit, but because we feel they are too young and immature, there are many children who are stifled and silenced in the name of maturity. God’s ways are not our ways, we would do well to remember that.


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