Gear in Park


There are times when I am ever so grateful that the only “fly on the wall” of my thought process is the Lord. There are many random thoughts and ideas that pop in, and then there are the things I think about, which lead to prayer. I am learning that prayer comes in many forms, and one of those forms is thought.

I’ve been thinking about the Church and ministry. Back in May, the Lord gave me a word for my home church. I tucked it away in my memory banks, but recently it has resurfaced. I believe now it is not only for my home church, but for the Church in general and therefore am releasing it.

May 2014

“For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven…. A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones, a time to embrace and a time to turn away (Ecclesiastes 3: 1, 5 NLT).

I saw a room being painted and redecorated. Everything in the room was changing…the wall color, furniture, accessories.. Everything. However, the decorators were not discarding what was being removed from the room, they were taking it to places where it was needed by others. God is doing a redecorating work within the church, not just to freshen, but to make sure everyone is in the place He has for them. We will see people leave and new people come, some in key positions, some not. Some will be resistant to this process and still others will embrace it. We must not be discouraged or disappointed when we say goodbye to those who leave, but rejoice in the next phase of their spiritual growth, for God has a greater plan for them that can only be fulfilled in moving forward.

As for those who stay, like the walls in the room of my vision – they are the solid foundation that all the other ministries build upon. The wall color change depicts change for us- a new season of growth, a freshness, a new direction, and a deeper understanding of God. The new furniture and accessories perfectly placed are the folks who are serving right where God desires them to be. God has so much planned for us and His grace will be sufficient to carry us through the rough patches as we begin this redecorating process.”

For both the local and whole Church, I am sensing God moving in new directions. We must be in tune with the flow of His Spirit for He is beginning to do new things. There are many serving in ministry now who are serving where God no longer needs them, yet they are resistant to moving on for fear they are being taken “from” where they believe they should be. God does not want to take from His children, He wants to take them “to” a better place – one where they will bear much fruit and the ministry will grow!

It is time to make sure our gears are not stuck in Park. As we progress through this life, we must desire to grow and move forward. We can’t allow rusty gears hold us in place and lock us into a way of thinking, doing and acting simply because it is what we’ve always done.

We must ask ourselves “Am I moving forward?”


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