Happy Thanksgiving


I wanted to express my gratitude for those of you who follow, comment, rate, or otherwise leave lasting footprints on my blog. Thank you so much! I believe God led you here, not only for encouragement, but to encourage me as well. As I’m sure you know, writing a blog is not always an easy task. Life has a way of burrowing in with weighty demands sometimes. I thank you for taking the time to visit!

I also wanted to share some things going on that God is still working on, brought us through, moving us toward…I’ve mentioned in the past about a hiccup our family went through earlier this year. For those of you who held us in prayer, thank you! We thought that hiccup would never end, but knowing others were praying for us helped us persevere while facing the wind. Satan tried to tear our family apart, but God was, is and always will be the glue that holds us together!

My husband and I own a small business, we are still learning how to get our business in the brains of people. God has blessed our business, and we are grateful for the people that have stood with us and prayed for us since we opened in 2012. We believe God for more business and the opportunity to mentor and apprentice others in the skilled field while creating viable jobs in our area. Our steps may be small, but when our feet are on God’s feet as we walk, those steps are sure and sturdy and right.

Even though we own a small business, we both also work full-time jobs outside the home. I recently was notified of steps being taken to promote me again in the future. I am grateful to God for my job, I work alongside a diverse group of people with different belief systems and He has given me many opportunities to speak into the lives of my co-workers. I can attest to love going much farther than canned evangelistic tactics designed to condemn. I love each and every person I work with, and while they may not agree with my Jesus right now, I still thank God for them and pray for them. After three+ years, we now have deeper theological conversations than when I first started, and I am grateful for the foundation being laid. I know God has touched them and is working on them. I don’t have to see it with my own eyes, because I know my GOD!

Last year, I started attending an online bible school, http://christianleadersinstitute.org, and have been working toward a ministerial degree. I love the idea of everything being online and structured like a regular class, however I sometimes have difficulty balancing this with everything else. God has been gracious enough to always give me time and to extend the time I do have. I am thankful for His time management skills because far too often mine fall short.

Speaking of time management, I am an avid yarn-crafter. I crochet better than I knit, but I love the look of knitting for certain items. This year, I decided to make hand-made gifts for most of my Christmas list. Please pray I am able to accomplish such a momentous task, as I will need to ship some items overseas and across the continent. I have always found crocheting and knitting to be cathartic and there is something stilling about keeping a stitch count. I am able to hear God so much clearer when my mind is concentrating on one thing, instead of many things at once. This is also the reason why He shows me things and speaks to me while I am driving. 😉 I recently discovered text-to-speech on my Kindle and have begun listening to either the Bible or a bible resource book while crafting. I am grateful to the Holy Spirit for giving me the inspiration to check for this option on my Kindle!

God has given me a spark for my third book and I am looking forward to putting it together in 2015. I’m not entirely sure what it will look like, I’m trusting Him for that, but I do know it will be a mixture of things previously published here on my blog, and original content. As to whether or not I will self-publish with a hard copy and an eBook, I don’t know yet. I’ve noticed that my books sell better as an eBook than as a printed copy. Please pray for me through this process and pray for me to increase my marketing skills. One thing I am not very adept at is marketing my own books.

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God (Philippians 1:3 NLT). Thank you, again, for stopping by. May your day be abundantly blessed in all you do, and may those blessings continue day after day in such a way that you are able to pour them out and give them to others.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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