Deep thought (perhaps)

Been thinking about something. Yep, I’m gonna share it with you whether you want to read it or not. The wonderful thing is that you can just scroll on by my post and not be edified. The choice is yours, really.

I’m not putting you on.


On to my thought…

Christian-ese, you know, that language we all speak to sound super spiritual? Come on, you’ve heard it, you’ve used it, you know you have! Well, have you ever listened to yourself when you talk to non-believers? Guilty! I have caught myself numerous times sounding very snobby because I speak Christian-ese. I can tell you, our jargon does not usher people to the feet of Jesus.

My point is this, we really have to pay attention to how we talk to others, especially non-believers. We throw them off and turn them off with our spiritual speak, and often we push them away.  You want to have a conversation with a non-believer? Get real with them. Avoid the super spiritual dialogue and meet them where they are. Buy them coffee, lunch, dinner, take a walk, and LISTEN. Stop pushing them away by beating them over the head with your 10lb invisible bible.

People feel the way they do about Christians because for far too long we have tried to have people reach us up on our pedestals instead of climbing down and helping them climb up. How quickly we have forgotten the place where Jesus met us! Love is an action word and speaking love to others requires acts of love.

Jesus never turned away anyone who came to Him, and He never condemned them either. He met them exactly where they were and after His interaction, they left changed. Let us strive to be a people who meets people where they are and when they leave, they are changed.

You are now free (momentarily) to go about the rest of your evening.


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