Fire of Love


Set me as a seal over your heart; wear me as an emblem on your arm for love is as strong as death, and jealousy is as relentless as the grave. Love flares up like a blazing fire, a very ardent flame (Song of Songs 8:6 VOICE).

Fire of Love

The other day I saw people with fire coming out of their mouths when they spoke. The fire was in the shape of a sword blade, and those who had the fiery speech were bolder in both speaking and body language than those who did not. They seemed to rise up rather than sink back in comparison to the group of people as a whole.

I then began to hear the Holy Spirit speak about the Fire of the Father’s Love, and how He is raising up prophets who are not afraid to wield this weapon, loving on those others deem unlovable and speaking to them of the great love of the Father.The Father is raising up a generation of prophets who will jump in boldly, speaking the words they hear from the throne room of heaven with power and passion.The Father’s love is a living flame, one that consumes, yet does not burn up; one that burns, but does not harm. He is sending His prophets out to burn away the chaff with the fiery sword of His love and His word. He is sending out audacious and passionate prophets, people unafraid to address the natural world and set in motion the plans and purpo

ses of God. He is moving them from the places where He has hidden them in training and into the public. His voice will be heard! He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

Awake, awake O sleeper, the King of Glory is coming. Listen for His heralds, pay attention to His Word.

Jesus is coming, are you ready?

Shalom 🙂

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