Be All You Can Be


Be All You Can Be

I’ve had this slogan running through my head for the last couple of days. You may remember it from the US Army commercials some years back. How fitting the Holy Spirit brings this to mind!

Not only is He seeking adventurous people who are up for whatever He has  purposed, He desires us to be all we can be. He is calling His people, His army, and He desires for us to be more than spectators.

There are many within the Body who watch from a distance. They have Spirit-given gifts and ides, but have been held back from using them – perhaps they were taught only “certain” people are able to do certain things, or perhaps what they desire to do is not allowed within their particular doctrine or denomination. Take heart! The Holy Spirit is going to blow the doors off those restraints!

It is time to get out of the pew, walk through the open doors, and let risk back into your life! This is the year of the POSSIBLE! God is asking those who spectate to reenlist in His army. We must no longer be satisfied to cheer from the sidelines, we must get active. We must battle on our knees, rejoice vibrantly with our Brothers and Sisters, we must be active in our praise and worship, we must be willing to drop what is in our hands to grasp what the Holy Spirit has for us.  Within each of our hearts is a heavenly purpose and whatever it is, it is NOT too small for the kingdom. There is potential within each of us, and we each were created for a purpose.

Rise Up and be all you can be!! The Lord of Heavens Armies is calling YOU!


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