The Prodigals Are Coming Home


So he had this moment of self-reflection: “What am I doing here? Back home, my father’s hired servants have plenty of food. Why am I here starving to death? I’ll get up and return to my father, and I’ll say, ‘Father, I have done wrong—wrong against God and against you (Luke 15:17-18 VOICE).

6a00d8341f877753ef0133ee1df3a3970b-800wiThe Lord has shown me a vision of many people from all four directions walking towards a house. These people walk with fierce determination to reach their destination. It is evident from their appearance what kind of journey it has been for them. Some are slogging along with mud stained and tattered clothing, others look emaciated and faint, still others are wounded and bleeding. They all walk with a halting gait, fearful they may not reach where they intend to go, yet they continue on anyway. Despite the haggard look they all carry, their eyes reflect the hope of going home.

I hear the Lord say “I AM calling My prodigals home. Beloved, it is time to welcome these children with open arms, to extend the same grace I have given you, to be no respecter of persons. As I AM love, I require you to be love to them. As they embark on their journey towards My divine purpose, continue to pray them in. Do not falter in your ferocious intercession, for it allows for the covering and protection they need to stay courageous for this journey. Your bold prayers slay the dragons of guilt and condemnation threatening to take them off course. I have placed this burden on your heart to pray through. Be intense and intentional as you pray and see the redemption, restoration and salvation of the Lord in the hearts of the prodigals.”

What an encouraging word from the Lord! We all have prodigals we have been praying for, we must not give up! What an honor and privilege it is to stand in the gap for those who aren’t able to, to witness the Lord performing His word! This is the year for the POSSIBLE! This is the year of ADVENTURE! This is the year of the MIRACULOUS! No matter what we see with our natural eyes, we must filter it with the lens of Christ and press on in prayer. We are dragon slayers! 🙂


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