I have never been a fan of bridges, especially walking across them. This stems from my extreme dislike of heights. I also have a tendency to think the bridge is going to collapse underneath me, dropping me into the unknown. Irrational fear, I know.

Driving through extremely slow and heavy traffic often finds my vehicle moving either very slowly across, or stopped, on bridges. Every time this happens, I say “Ok, Lord, You know I don’t like these, can we hurry up and get across?” Normally He doesn’t really answer. I simply have to trust the bridge is not going to give way and I’m not going to be catapulted to an untimely death. The other day, however, He decided to answer me. 🙂

Bridges are connecting pieces. They provide passage over roadways, waterways, railroads, etc. They are a safe pathway over otherwise treacherous or impassable terrain.

Bridges are transition pieces.They are the intermediate route between two activities, adjacent elements, conditions or the like.

Bridges are also the platform from which a power vessel can be navigated.

I feel the Lord speaking to His children that are positioned on any one of these bridges. Some of us are His connecting pieces and some of us are being connected with others. He will place the people in our lives and give us the direction we are to take with each person. Others of us are in transition, how long we are there depends on where we are coming from and where He is leading us to. I sense Him saying to not be afraid and to not grow weary, He has everything under control! Still others of us are poised for navigation. He has stood us at the helm of our next assignment and we are waiting for instructions. He’s given us a power vessel that can only be steered from this bridge under His influence and power. Remain steadfast in seeking Him, connected to His power source.

After all this, I am willing to change my view of bridges. 🙂


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