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I’m curious as to what the jars of dirt signify?
God has been speaking to me in regards to the principalities and powers over the nation. To put it briefly, the false gods of the nations in the Old Testament are the principalities and powers. They are demonic forces that demand worship – whether through asherah poles or stripper poles, molech statues or abortion. The way that God has established warfare against them is through men like Moses or Elijah, where we read in Ex 12:12, “I will execute judgment on the gods of Egypt”. How does he execute this judgment? It is through plagues that counter the very gods. It was said that the Nile was the lifebood of Osiris. Okay, tomorrow morning the Nile is turned to blood. Where is your power, Osiris? Elijah shut up the sky, going against the rain god: Baal. What principalities currently occupy residence over our nation, I haven’t discerned entirely. How exactly to pray against them, I haven’t discerned exactly. What I know, I share. If you’re interested in a little more elaboration, I’d be happy to share what I have.
Grace and peace in Christ, dear sister.


PS – I’m from Ohio