Keep praying

PicMonkey Collage3As I’ve moved into weekly posts containing our prayer directives, I simply wanted to encourage you to remember to pray over your jar. We are beginning to target state specific areas in our intercession and I realize some of these will tick our adversary off and cause some push-back. Do not give up! We are in this together and if you come up against an area you are not able to push through on your own, enlist prayer support. Together in agreement, we are a formidable force! It is beneficial to have multiple intercessors within each state.

Next month, I will be traveling to the DC area and will be grabbing dirt from there. We all know what we are up against in the spiritual realm in our nation’s capitol, so I am asking now for those would will join me in praying over a jar of that dirt. I will try to obtain enough dirt to distribute at least two more jars; if you would like some please message me. If you are in the DC area and are already praying, let me know.

Bless and do not curse! Speak life and pray on!

You Warriors ROCK!!

Blessings, Hugs and Love!

Shalom <3


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