Praying for the Nation Week 17- Season of the Son

crown-jewelsI’ll admit, this mandate to pray and speak life over our nation through jars of dirt is quite overwhelming at times, there are days where I struggle to make it past “I love YOU”. But God has not given me the okay to stop and when I am at my lowest point, He encourages me to keep going. Earlier this week as I was speaking to my collection of jars, I saw a beautiful picture superimposed over the jar of Washington DC dirt, so I knew this pertained to DC. I saw a picture of heavily laden and very ripe fruit trees. The branches were hanging towards the ground, heavy with ripe and plump fruit. He is revealing that much fruit will come out of Washington DC! We must remain standing firm in intercession for our nation and speaking love to our jars of dirt. The more fruit we have and give, the more we harvest.

As if that isn’t encouragement enough, this morning I saw my King! There are not enough right words to describe what I saw, but it was such a glorious picture of Him that it will forever be etched in my mind. I’ll try my best to describe what was revealed to me. I saw King Jesus, large and most definitely in charge. He wore a splendid bejeweled golden crown, but it could have been brilliant white – it was not a color my eyes could distinguish. It looked extremely heavy and I knew that if I was to try to wear even the smallest portion of it, I would bend and break from the weight of it. He carried a scepter that was as magnificent as His crown and He wore a purple and white robe. He was so large that He filled the sky, I could see nothing but Him and He was the center of my focus. His eyes were a soft brown that pulled me in, yet they blazed with fire. He looked at me and smiled and His smile lit up His entire face. He then broke out into laughter, and He was so filled with joy. His laughter filled the earth, there was no way anyone could not hear it. He never spoke a word to me, but He looked at me with such love and compassion and also right through me at the same time. My heart lay bare before Him and I could feel Him touching those places I didn’t even know needed His touch. Then He reached out and gingerly grabbed the earth, pulling it to Himself and squeeze hugging it. It seemed like a child’s globe toy in His hands, then He smiled at me again and handed it to me. I was immediately reminded of Psalm 8:2 “Ask of Me, and I will give You The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession.”

Intercessors, we must continue to press on. Jesus holds the world in His hands, this I know, and we are praying His heart. Soldier on!

Let us continue to speak love and blessings over the United States of America, continue to prophesy God’s governmental authority into our elections, continue to lift up the Body of Christ and encourage her to walk in the Fruit of the Spirit in order to cultivate it in the hearts of others. Do not give up, do not give in, our King is smiling over us!

Shalom 🙂

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