Praying for the Nation Week 19- Corroding Corruption

csl-steel-pipes-slider3I’m no political analyst, limiting how much news media I allow myself to partake of, but even I have seen a calling out or exposure of corrupt officials across many different arenas within our nation. I am always amazed at the attempts to piece back together some will go to when the fruit they bore has been cut open and laid bare in its rottenness. No matter, Scripture declares that which is hidden will be revealed (Numbers 32:23, Matthew 10:26; Mark 4:22, Luke 8;17). As children we were always taught to tell the truth for it is much easier to remember than what lie was used to cover up.

Our mandate is still to speak love and life over the jars of dirt that represent the great states of this nation. As we confess our love and declare prophetic decrees of life-giving words over the jars, we guarantee the exposure of the things Satan wants to keep hidden. If we are not cursing them, how do we do this? When we declare the state is a lover of its people, from pre-born to elderly, we expose the hidden agenda of the devil to wipe out people. When we speak God’s governmental authority on every level, we expose the politicians with nefarious motives and those who simply follow the crowd. When we profess a resurgence of the family and family authority, we reveal the plots to disarm and disengage the family unit. Oh, there is so much more, but when we war the good war with our prophetic declarations, in the authority Christ has given us, from a blessing standpoint, we wreak so much havoc on the enemy and he has no choice but to run! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand (Matthew 10:7)!

It matters not what goes on around us, we stand firm in the gap, holding our states in intercession before the throne, declaring the heart of the Lord over them. His love is so vast, so great, so amazingly and unfathomably deep, His mercy is so unending that He holds us near to His ear attentively, and as we pray with Him, He moves. Graham Cooke says often, that “one person walking with the Lord is always in the majority”, so we can walk this out boldly knowing we are victorious on all levels!

This week’s directives:

  • Continue to tell each jar that you love it, that is is blessed and favored by the Lord, that it is the apple of His eye, the signet ring He wears. That when He thinks about it, He smiles joyfully.
  • Continue to profess the love of all the people in the state, from pre-born to elderly, for blessing upon each person, for favor in every household, for a guard over the hearts and minds of the children.
  • Continue to pray for the rising up of men and women who will move into the positions of government, education, business, whether secular or clergy, for the advancement of God’s authority – may they be bold, courageous, filled with wisdom and surrounded by encouragement and blessed, and may they have favor, favor, favor…
  • Continue to pray for the family – strength, abundance, provision, wisdom, and glue to hold them together God’s way.

Always bless, do NOT curse. When someone speaks negative to you about the nation/state/government, do not reply in kind, turn it into a positive and look for God’s prophetic word in that situation.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, we are blessed to be a part of such a tipping point within this nation! God is not done with us yet, and He is ever revealing of His glory and majesty!

I love you greatly!


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  1. Quoting you Prudence, “Always bless, do NOT curse. When someone speaks negative to you about the nation/state/government, do not reply in kind, turn it into a positive and look for God’s prophetic word in that situation.” a huge AMEN to this. TY for allowing me to join you I have missed a couple but I am following? God Bless you sis

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