Peace Be Still

Today’s word is “Peace be still”

I saw a raging and turbulent sea, the waves crashing higher and higher, the wind blowing with hurricane strength. I then saw a woman on the shore raise her arms and declare “Peace, be still”. The wind and wave calmed.

In Matthew 8, we find the story of Jesus asleep in the boat while a storm raged all around and the disciples became scared. They woke Jesus up because they believed they were perishing. It would seem they had forgotten just Who they were traveling with. In three words, Jesus calmed the wind and wave.

If we truly believe we are in Christ as the Bible declares, then we must believe we are well able to demonstrate the same power as He. This is our identity in Christ, we are the vessels used to usher heaven into earth.

I hear the Lord saying “Rise up, My Children. Rise up and begin to speak forth words of peace into your storms. Some of the turbulence you face is because you have forgotten who you are and Whose you are, you have forgotten where you sit and where your Rest is. Speak to your storm “Peace, be still”. I AM with you, I have not left you to perish, exercise your faith and speak to your storm. Because of who I AM and who you are in Me, it will bow.”

Many of us are walking in something other than power. We have resigned ourselves to “the will of the Lord” when He has empowered us to speak to our situations and command them like the wind and wave. Rise up, Church, there is much to be done and we must exercise our faith and do it!

Shalom! 🙂

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