Today's Bible Treasure Devotionals

My People

Continue to intercede for our nation. Speak life and love over your jars of dirt daily and remember to bless, never curse!

I am led to repost this.


Inspirations from the Well

 If I close up the heavens and their rain and send any of the disasters you described—drought, locusts, pestilence—to ravish the land and people; and My people (who are known by My name) humbly pray, follow My commandments, and abandon any actions or thoughts that might lead to further sinning, then I shall hear their prayers from My house in heaven, I shall forgive their sins, and I shall save their land from the disasters (2 Chronicles 7:13-14 VOICE).

I’ve been thinking about our nation a lot lately. We live in a country where faith placed a brick in our foundation, along with freedom, liberty from tyranny, commerce and diplomacy. While these may have been clearly defined at the outset of our nation’s history, they have since become clouded and obscured, with new words over the old in a clever way to rewrite what we have held on to…

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