Praying for the Nation Week 28- Night Vision Goggles

I’m so grateful for your steadfastness and faithfulness in continuing to intercede for our nation! God has blessed this nation with faithful prayer warriors who are not afraid to pull heaven into earth and God is faithful to provide tools and weapons for our warfare.

snakesOur directives this week stem from dreams that my cousin has had which, I and my church’s intercessory team believe, is a warning and a weapon. My cousin has dreamt twice this week of rather fat snakes crossing our national borders, and of fires starting at all our churches. I have a trusted friend who is gifted in interpretation and she said snakes represent deception, such as when the serpent deceived Eve in the garden. She believes our enemy is attempting to foster distrust, as well as trying to impair the Lord’s plans for churches. She suggests we press in and pray to disrupt all ungodly communication. We absolutely need discernment and wisdom for this. She says that snakes also hate fire, and believes the fires in the churches could be the exact weapon God is giving us to fight the enemy; we must pray for the fire of God to enter our churches.

Over a year ago, the Lord showed me our national borders and then showed me all kinds of creeping things that move or hide under the cover of darkness such as rats, cockroaches, snakes and the like. He directed me to begin praying for our borders – that they be sealed up, well lit and lined with attentive watchmen. He directed me to pray for exposure of the creeping, crawling and sneaky things and for their pathways to be cut off and burnt. God has given us night vision goggles, we must be sure to wear them at all times!

Intercessors, I realize the burden we carry, however, we are not alone. There are more with us than there are against us, and we are victorious! Do not grow weary of prayer. We are hitting where it hurts.

This week’s directives:

  • Continue to speak love and life to your jar of dirt. We are changing our nation with words of love and affirmation in the spiritual realm and because we are speaking heaven into earth, God is moving!
  • Continue to declare God’s governmental authority over this nation and for His great love for its people.
  • Declare the enemy powerless and his attempts to sneak across our borders fruitless, pray for exposure of his plans, and a halt to all of his communication. Lord, confuse and frustrate his plans!
  • Give thanks and praise for the Fire of God to ignite the Church across the nation! For those to see Truth, Life and the Way in the heavenly realm and for the Church to walk in a greater understanding and anointing of its heavenly anointing!
  • Pray for greater discernment and desire for wisdom for our churches, for strength for the Church and endurance to occupy until we are told to move.

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Blessings, hugs and love!

Shalom 🙂

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