Praying for the Nation – Disrupting Agendas

speak-lifeI realize it has been quite a while since I last sent out prayer directives for our nation. We have been simply maintaining our trajectory, continuing on with where God previously directed us to pray. He has, by no means, lifted the mandate, although some of us may not feel as driven to press in as in the past. We are, however, to keep on keeping on! Over the years I have learned that intercession is often a matter of being persistent even if there does not seem to be forward movement. We must never lose heart, even if we feel we are getting nowhere. Always trust that God is on the move. 🙂

While I have not gotten any “smack me in the face” specific direction from the Holy Spirit outright, I have had the rumblings of one word in my spirit over the last month and that is “agenda”. Upon further reflection, this is where we are now to begin directing our intercession. We must press in for the hidden agenda of the enemy to be revealed and frustrated, and for the agenda of heaven to enter into the earthly realm. Our prayers must be filled with mercy and love, grace and truth; we must not pray from hearts of bitterness, but hearts of love. Life is in the language of heaven. When we speak heaven’s language, we speak life into all things. This is how we disable and disrupt the enemy’s agenda.

Our directives:

  • Continue to speak life and love to your jar of dirt; speak words of faith, of mercy; declare God’s faithfulness and His great joy! Play worship music, read Scripture, minister to the jar. Remember, this is a prophetic act and what we do in faith like this, we release into the spirit realm.
  • Intercede for a revelation of the enemy’s plans, for them to be turned and used for good, for God’s plans to prevail. Remember to enlist prayer help when you get pushback from any territorial spirits in your area. Do not engage on your own, always seek the Holy Spirit for guidance.
  • Never accept any negative words regarding your state, the political, educational, agricultural, governmental, family, etc arenas – always bless, do not curse. There is a positive for every negative, we must discern the positive and disengage the negative.

Thank you for continuing on with me. God is at work and things are happening!

Blessings, hugs and love,

Prudence 🙂

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