Today’s Word: Pace Car


bmw-x6-m-pace-car-images-04I’ve had the words “pace car” in my head for a while now. Mostly when driving to and from work and usually when there is a car ahead in my lane going less than the posted speed limit on a relatively “good” weather day. This morning was no exception and as I began to switch lanes to go around the slow moving car, the unseen driver also decided to change lanes as I began to pass the car. All is good and no collision occurred, but I began to tune into what I felt Papa had to say about it.

I heard Him whisper “My people think they are not moving fast enough in getting to their next level, but I AM setting the pace. I have set before some a path for which I desire time to travel; I want them to experience every bump, every roadblock and all the scenery along the way. This is not a set up for failure, but designed to strengthen and prepare them for their future. Before they can accelerate ahead, they must be able to handle the adversity of the journey. Others are attempting to move too fast and unless they allow Me to slow them down, they will careen out of control and crash. This pace car is set before them for safety, not a hindrance.

There are others who have set a pace car before themselves out of fear of the future. The enemy desires for them to stay stagnant and fearful of the journey, convincing them they are not worthy of the future I have planned for them. I AM removing this pace car, and will accelerate advancement. They are more than prepared for this upgraded level and have begun to drive out the fear that holds them back with My perfect love.”

Papa has only good for us. Do you see yourself with any of the pace cars? I have decided that I am willing to go wherever He takes me at the precise speed I need to be going. Although, I still am not a fan of snails pace cars on the expressway. 😉

Have an amazing and blessed day!


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