upgradeSo many of us are dealing with storms, problems and adversity right now, some of which we’d like to never have occurred in the first place. Whether the issue is with our health, or family relationships, or workplace shenanigans, or even within ourselves, we have the capacity in Christ to say “Peace be still” and expect peace.

Scripture tells us to be joyful in trials (James 1:2-8) and in the midst of a trial, joy is often the hardest thing to grasp. However, it is in the process of adversity where we begin to see our next level in Christ. And because we are in Christ, we have access to peace and joy. Graham Cooke says it is because of our problems that we get upgraded. What a way to joyfully look at a situation! When we see our situations in the light of Papa’s presence, we also see who we are becoming and the route to the next level. It is also easier to trust Papa for a good resolution to our problem, and we will discover what the circumstance meant.

When viewing our unsavory and highly undesirable circumstances through Papa’s lens, it truly is better to view it as an upgrade. This ultimately decreases the length of time we spend with our problem and increases our understanding of who Papa wants to be for us at that time. I don’t know about you, but I’m totally ready for an upgrade!

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