I’ve been thinking quite a bit about unity, especially unity within the Body of Christ. I’m coming up on a year with the mandate to pray over jars of dirt from every states and unity has been one thing I’ve been praying for. 
For many, unity means complete agreement in every area. If we were made each to be unique and gifted in different areas, it is not feasible to believe we all must agree on every point in every situation. Our point of reference will always differ from someone else and our perception shapes our reality.

When we all agree on every point in every situation, we are not united, we are clones. The Body of Christ was not told to breed clones, we are called to make disciples. Too many people equate unity with absolute agreement.

I love how Papa reveals things to me. He showed me that unity is harmonious and He used a meal to do it. Imagine entering a dining area and you are greeted with the smells of well seasoned meat, aromatic side dishes and scents of sweetness. You then sit down and in front of you is the most exquisite banquet with a vast array of meats, fruits, vegetables, grains and wines. Every succulent morsel of food is a vacation for your taste buds. You savor every bite and you look forward to your next one. You taste of everything at the table, and you are delighted with all of it. The taste of the meal lingers on your tongue and is etched in your memory for some time after, and you are drawn to the memory often in hopes to sit down to it once again. 

Unity in the Body of Christ is like this meal, our differences come together to create something magnificent that reaches others and leaves a lasting memory. Our unique perspectives and talents were designed to work together, offering balance and seasoning to the calling Papa has given us to advance the kingdom of Heaven. 

Celebrate disagreements, they add flavor to relationships and challenge to the group-think mentality. Be unified, not cloned!

Shalom 🙂

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