Praying for the Nation – Update

Jar of Dirt Map as of 4/13/16
Currently covered states, still need the rest.
2016-04-13 10.29.10
The physical jars of dirt I have in my possession. Illinois is the one covered by the cross.

A while back my husband and I watched a Sid Roth episode in which he interviewed Robert Henderson.


I was intrigued as Robert Henderson was speaking about interceding in the court of heaven. This caught my ear because it was prior to this episode in which the Lord showed me a picture of a heavenly court and Papa as judge. So, I bought his book, Operating In the Courts of Heaven.

There is much to glean from it and I anticipate reading it many times simply to fully understand what he covers. He has a chapter called The Testimony of the Blood in which he describes how the Blood of Jesus answers every accusation Satan has by its very testimony. He also says that blood has a voice, citing the killing of Abel by Cain and Papa saying Abel’s blood cries out to Him. He states “The testimony of blood before God’s throne is very powerful.”

I mention all this because I had an interesting experience on a road trip Monday. My husband and I were driving down to an area south of Syracuse. On the way there, I began to see things I have never seen before. In the natural this particular area is filled with dead trees and swampy. Some of it is open swamp, and another has more dead trees. It is beautiful and serene. I always enjoy being a passenger when we go that route and Monday was no different. As I watched the scenery pass, I started to see it in a different time. I realized, later that day, that the Lord was showing me the history. I saw the land lush, green and filled with activity. There were native people hunting and living on the land. I saw people and family groups, hunting activities, animal kills and the work involved. It was quite detailed and at the same time slightly disconcerting as I realized this was time before settlers arrived. Driving back through Onondaga Nation territory, I began to hear what I could not see. I heard the sorrow of the people of the land; cries, laments and I specifically heard “This is our land, it is not theirs to take.” I heard the weeping of women and children, the shouts of men and the heartbeat of the land. I believe I heard the testimony of the blood.

We know our nation has a very bloody history. We’ve been praying for over a year, speaking love and life to our land over jars of dirt. I am coming to believe it is no coincidence Papa specifically indicated dirt from every state. There was blood shed in the dirt of every state of this nation and He is now directing us to take our intercession into His court on behalf of our country. I still don’t understand fully what this looks like, but I know it is not something to be done alone. Partner with others in your area who are called to intercede on behalf of our nation, pray together, speak life together, bless and do not curse. We are the ones who enforce the heavenly verdict here on earth.

We have transitioned to a higher level, let us go forward and remove ourselves from the battlefield and prepare ourselves for court. We will see change and we will receive answers. We don’t have time to wait.

Thank you for your steadfastness and faithfulness in prayer. I love you all!


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