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I hear the Lord speaking to those who feel it is too hard to continue on. He wants you to know that things are not always what they appear and to keep pressing on and move forward. I was shown footprints on different terrain with various obstacles. There were footprints on wet and slippery rocks, on wooded paths, on areas where there was no obvious path, on sandy beaches, and on rubble left behind from storms.

I hear Him saying “Though you may not always see the destination, continue on the path I have set before you. Even though it may appear dark and you cannot see, remember My Word is a lamp for your feet and a light for your path. You do not walk alone, nor do you walk in darkness, I AM with you and I AM illuminating the way. This world creates the facade of difficulty, but it is only a facade. You are victorious because I HAVE overcome the world. Do not grow faint, and do not grow weary, I have provided all you need, simply enjoy the journey. Follow Me.”

Often it seems as if life is out to knock us down and keep us from moving foward. However, if we close our eyes and change perspective, our path is clearly marked before us by the footsteps of Christ. All we have to do is place our feet where His have tread, and continue on our way.

The Eternal is my shepherd, He cares for me always.
He provides me rest in rich, green fields
    beside streams of refreshing water.
    He soothes my fears;
He makes me whole again,
    steering me off worn, hard paths
    to roads where truth and righteousness echo His name (Psalm 23: 1-3 VOICE).

Your word is a lamp for my steps;
    it lights the path before me (Psalm 119:105).

Jesus: What is it that you want? Two Disciples: We’d like to know where You are staying. Teacher, may we remain at Your side today? Jesus: Come and see. Follow Me, and we will camp together. It was about four o’clock in the afternoon when they met Jesus. They came and saw where He was staying, but they got more than they imagined. They remained with Him the rest of the day and followed Him for the rest of their lives (John 1:38-39).


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