Word for Today

Some of you have been waiting for a miracle for what seems like too long. You have contended, fluttered, wavered in faith and hope, picked yourself up by the bootstraps, encouraged yourself, pushed yourself to keep going and questioned yourself regarding your miracle. You are at a place where you want remain hopeful, but you are wearied from the waiting. Everyone else is getting theirs, but yours seem so far out of reach.
I heard the Spirit whisper that He is in the details of the details. Your miracle is coming, He is working behind the scenes at this time so that when your miracle is manifested, His glory is great and your praise is loud. He is the worker of all things good, and He is the author and perfecter of faith, He makes all things beautiful in its time, and your miracle is no different. He “says do not fret, do not dismay, your miracle is coming, it’s on its way!”

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