Testimony time:

For those who have gone through the pain and passing of kidney stones, I salute you. For those who have not, I’d rather go through labor and delivery again.

Monday morning I went to the emergency department because I had pain unlike any I’ve ever had in my left kidney. Gave my Dude an awful scare. I have such a high threshold for pain and an aversion to medical care that he knew it was bad when I told him I needed to go. So we went, me all crying and stuff.

After tests, CT scan, two bags of fluid and some amazing medication they sent me home saying I had passed one and that there might be more.

Right from the onset of pain I started laying hands on myself, Dude did as well, and I requested prayer from a few people. Every day I told my body that it was healed and I told the stones to dissolve and pass with minimal discomfort. I also asked Papa too. 😊

Let me tell you, He is so faithful. I had pain, pressure and discomfort and then all of a sudden today, it was gone. I mean completely gone.

So, He did it for me, He will do it for you!

Now, ain’t Papa good?

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