I hear the Lord saying

“Be cautious of undercurrents and rip tides. Do not be so quick to come to conclusions, My Beloved, for you cannot see all that is going on in order to have a true conclusion. Sit awhile and wait, allow Me to show you what is beyond your vision’s capacity. What you see in front of you, no matter how wonderfully presented and true it appears, may not be what you perceive it to be. Allow Me to bring you into all Truth and reveal the nature of what you are looking at. Let My perspective become your perspective.”

Perspective- this is something I’ve been asking the Lord for. His perspective to be exact. It is far too easy to view things from my own human and flawed perspective, far easier to pray from it. However, my perspective has only one side. Mine.

Our point of view affects how we react and relate to others, to circumstances and to ourselves. Often, it also depicts how open or closed minded we can be about things, and can lead us to make incorrect and snap judgments. It affects everything.

Let’s get heavenly perspective before anything. What we see may not be what is really going on.

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