And They Immediately Arrived

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John 6:21 “Then they were eager to let him in the boat, and immediately they arrived at their destination!”
The story of Jesus walking on water is so amazing, yet we often focus on Peter climbing out of the boat and his subsequent loss of focus on Christ, causing him to sink. John’s depiction of the crossing to Capernaum does not include the story of Peter. I believe John wanted us to focus on what happens when we let Jesus into our boat.
We know the disciples started out towards their destination without Jesus. He had sought a quiet place to pray, and even though they waited, they decided to head out without Him. Maybe they became impatient, or maybe they entertained thoughts that He wasn’t going with them, Scripture doesn’t tell us – but they started their journey ahead of Him.
The trip across the lake was a stormy one, whipping winds, and choppy frothing waves. Who knows what they were thinking when they finally saw Jesus walking towards them on the water. Perhaps that is why they were afraid and He needed to allay their fears by telling them it was He. I’ve never been in a storm over water, but I can’t imagine them making much headway while fighting wind and wave. Scripture doesn’t give us much detail. But what it does say should give us immense hope and joy! When they realized it was Jesus on the water, they were eager to let Him in the boat! And then, once He climbed in, they arrived at their destination! No mention of a storm or rowing after that point!
Sometimes we get so caught up in the journey, the process or the storms we deal with that we miss this simple truth. Eagerness to let Jesus into our boat will get us where we are headed immediately! If God has told us where we are to go, He will ensure we get there and right on time. He will not allow storms, or rather, buffeting wind and wave, to hinder us. All we have to do is let Jesus into the situation, and if we start a step or two ahead of Him, He will catch us at the right moment and get us there!
Shalom! 🙂

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