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I heard the Lord speaking today to those on the fringe whom have been wounded, hurt, betrayed, abused, even those who have been mistreated by His people.
Genesis 16 tells the story of Hagar. God promised Abram to multiply his descendants, but Abram and Sarai were childless and past childbearing age. Sarai had the brilliant idea to help God, so she offered her Egyptian servant, Hagar, to Abram. When Hagar conceived, Scripture tells us she became quite contemptuous towards Sarai, so Sarai returned the harsh attitude and Hagar finally ran away. Hagar was found by the angel of the Lord near a spring of water. He asked her where she came from and where she was going. Hagar explained she was running away. The angel told her to return and submit to her mistress, among a few other things. After this exchange, Hagar said “You are the God who sees me” or “El Roi” and named the place “Beer-lahai-roi (which means “well of the Living One who sees me”).
I hear the Lord say, “I SEE you. I see YOU. I know every situation, every heart ache, every wound, every fall, every abuse, every word, every THING that has happened in your life. I know where you have been and I know where you are headed. I AM not here to mislead or misdirect you; I AM here to lead and direct you into the place of My Love and the chamber of My Heart. I know there have been wounds from others, including some by My Children, but I AM here to bind them up and bring you to wholeness and healing. I SEE the hurt that has been afflicted upon you and I want you to know that I AM working on your behalf. I AM at work in the background, underground, behind you and above you; you may not see, nor understand what I AM doing, but know that I AM working. My Child, I love YOU so much, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Would you let go of the hurt? Would you forgive those who hurt you? Would you look again for Me with fresh eyes? I know your heart, I know the longing to be loved and the yearning for acceptance. Come to Me. I have already loved you with an everlasting love, deeper than any ocean, higher than any mountain. Come to Me. Release the need to be an avenger and for revenge against those who hurt you. Forgiveness is freeing in ways you may not understand right now, but each step allows you to heal. Release yourself to My tender mercy and delicate hand. You no longer have to run away. In My Name is the shelter, refuge, acceptance and love your heart seeks. I have known you since before you were born and I lovingly crafted you with My hands. Come to Me in your storm. Come to Me in your fear. Come to Me in your weakness. Come to Me in your uncertainty. Come to Me and know that I SEE YOU and I LOVE YOU.”

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