Be Content: Morning Minute Message 10/4/18

Be Content


Paul learned how to be content in whatever situation in which he found himself. Whether he was rich or poor, hungry or well-fed, free or imprisoned, he knew where his source of strength and provision came from. In this fast paced, get it now world, we can often find ourselves leaning towards discontentment in all areas of our lives. While discontentment can be okay in certain situations, such as growing in Christ and serving Him, it is vital we learn not to follow the fads of the day and fall into a sense of entitlement. When we are discontent, we often will become covetous and impulsive in our behavior and thinking.  Being content where we are signifies maturity and it is often in our moments of great contentment that Papa begins to move and elevate us, knowing we can handle where we are going. 

Begin to be content where you are and thank Papa for what you have, because He will provide, position and prosper you when He knows you are fully able to handle it. You got this!!

Have a great day! I love ya ❤️

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