June 30, 2021

When we understand what freedom in Christ means, we understand how enslaved we were beforehand.

Total freedom includes being free from the bondage of fear, the shackles of guilt and shame, the chains of sickness and disease, the vice of other people’s opinions, and the weight of anger and resentment. All of which the world will happily plop right on your shoulders. It does not care how much you carry, it just wants you beaten down and too weary to fight back, all the while continuing to pile on the burdens.

Freedom allows us to fully love, wholly share, give without lacking, serve without tiring. It affords us the opportunity to grow in grace, to shuck off the weight of the world, grab hold of Jeaus’ hand, climb in Papa’s lap and let Him carry the weight. Freedom opens our eyes to see the world as it truly is and to let Holy Spirit lead us into situations and positions into which we can bring Christ and His glory.

In Christ we live and move and have our being. We have been set free, let’s live and love as such!

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