I’m Published!

Today’s Bible Treasure, Simple Christianity Volume 1 is available for $10.99 on CreateSpace.com in print. Get your copy today!

Today’s Bible Treasure

Simple Christianity

Volume 1

ISBN-13:  978-1468010640

Smashwords.com $4.99

Becoming a Butterfly bookcover

ISBN 978-1-4661-6385-0

Smashwords.com  $.99

And in print on Amazon.com

ISBN-10: 1468009710

ISBN-13: 978-1468009712


Today’s Declaration Journal available now on CreateSpace.com!

ISBN/EAN13:1545211337 / 9781545211335

Get yours today!

10 thoughts on “I’m Published!

    1. Thank you! And congrats to your publishing accomplishment as well! It’s hard work, but rewarding when you hold the copy in your hands for the first time, isn’t it?

      Also, thank you for stopping by! Hope you travel through this neighborhood again. 🙂


  1. Congratulations on your published work. I’m currently working on my novel and when “that” day comes, I hope someone will be able to assist me on obtaining information concerning publishing my work. Again, congratulations!! 🙂


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