Praying for the Nation –  Presidential Prayer

My family and I arrived back home yesterday after a cross country drive to New Mexico. We celebrated a couple of major life events with my sisters’ and their families, finally having all siblings and spouses in one room. This has been a difficult feat as my sisters and spouses are a part of military life and have had many overseas deployments, making reunions everyone can attend scarce. It was a blessed time; we brought our three year old grandson who was able to see family he hadn’t met since an infant and play with his cousins. 

Since I was enjoying our time together, I have not paid any attention to any political news reports. I really didn’t pay much attention to begin with anyway as I believe our media is skewed in its reporting, but I caught wind of rock throwing protestors rallying in a couple places now where one of our candidates is campaigning. My heart is heavy for what our candidates are dealing with in this season, and it is heavy for our nation. As we begin to draw closer to election day, I feel the Lord beginning to focus prayer more on our candidates. 

We are still to bless and not curse. We are not to pray to move the hand of God our way, we are to agree with heaven to bless each candidate in ways that move them towards His purpose and an encounter Him as the Living God. We are to agree with heaven for the removal of the political and religious spirits we have allowed to run rampant, seeking forgiveness on behalf of our states for the things the Holy Spirit brings to mind. We must also remember to pray for the people of this nation. We have become divided on many fronts, caught up in protesting and standing against causes instead of walking in love at all times. 

Intercessory prayer points:

  • Continue to speak life and love over your jar of dirt. Bless and do not curse the land, the people and the government of your state. Prophesy to your jar of dirt, releasing heaven.
  • Pray for our presidential candidates. Pray for encounters with Christ, for Holy Spirit boldness, for a revealing of any hidden plots and schemes from the enemy, for physical protection over them and their families, for perseverance, and for them to be blessed. Please put aside your personal feelings for the candidates, we are praying heaven’s will not ours. 
  • Pray for our current president. Pray for safety, for Papa’s will to be revealed in his life, for decisions influenced by heaven and for the enemy and his plans to be thwarted. Pray also for the Office of President, speak life into it, prophesy heaven’s future plans into the office. 
  • Pray for local governments and schools, speak life and love into their offices, pray for blessing and protection as well as for the influence of the Holy Spirit. 

At all times, bless. Always.

Thank you for journeying with me. Love you all!

Shalom 🙂

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